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Naturopathic Doctor

Mary Rondeau ND, RH(AHG) is a registered naturopathic doctor, functional medicine specialist and registered herbalist. Mary has been involved in naturopathic medicine functional medicine since 2005.  Her interest in plants and natural healing stemmed from upbringing in the mountains learning about folk remedies with her mother as a child.

In 2010, she co-founded Wholeness Center which is the most innovative integrative mental health center in the US. She is co-owner of Synergy Neurofeedback which aims to use objective lab finding (brain mapping) for medication and supplement recommendations for mental health disorders and non invasive neurofeedback therapy as a unique treatment strategy.  Her love for nutrition and food met with the formation of The Wholeness Chef, a nutrition focused cooking program that can be found on YouTube.

Mary specializes in functional medicine/naturopathic assessment for mental health disorders. Her eclectic training in traditional medicines took her around the world to study with Ayurvedic masters in India and Nepal and across the United States studying at large medicinal herbal farms for weeks at at time in the Appalachian mountains, her naturopathic doctorate degree in Tempe, AZ and her residency in Salt Lake City, UT.  She has happily returned to her hometown of Fort Collins to practice.

Mary maintains an open, family practice focused on proactive functional medicine and overcoming chronic illness to individuals of all ages. Specialties include mental health disorders, pediatric developmental disorders, allergies, asthma, digestive disorders, pre-pregnancy health and integrative oncology (cancer).  She enjoys working with families. She has special interest in working with children with developmental delays, she provides biomedical nutritional assessments which aim to optimize the biochemical and nutritional underpinnings that can be present in this population.

Docere means “doctor as teacher” this principle resonates with Mary at her core. She lectures nationally to professional groups about mental health, botanical medicine, nutritional medicine and naturopathic medicine.  She is an active writer currently working on publishing two books and has a teaching series on YouTube, The Wholeness Chef. In addition, she frequently teaches thru webinars on topics related to mental health.

Mary is passionate about bringing access of naturopathic medicine nationally and was part of the team that passed legislation to register naturopathic doctors in Colorado.




Scott has been a student of consciousness since his honor’s thesis on that topic at the University of Arizona in the 1970s. Following medical school, MDMA assisted psychotherapy became a facet of his practice before this medicine was scheduled in 1985. He then completed a Psychiatry residency at a Columbia program in New York. Scott studied cross-cultural psychiatry and completed a child/adolescent psychiatry fellowship at the University of New Mexico. Scott has published four books on holistic and integrative mental health including the first textbook for this field in 2001. He founded Wholeness Center in 2010 with a group of aligned professionals to create innovation in collaborative mental health care.

Scott is a past President of the American Holistic Medical Association and a past President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. He serves as a site Principal Investigator and therapist for the Phase III trial of MDMA assisted psychotherapy for PTSD sponsored by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. He has also published numerous articles about his research on cannabidiol (CBD) in mental health. Scott founded the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI) to train professionals in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and deliver clinically relevant studies. Scott co-founded the Board of Psychedelic Medicine and Therapies in 2021 and currently serves as the CEO for this non-profit public benefit corporation. He lectures all over the world to professional groups interested in a deeper look at mental health issues and a paradigm shifting perspective about transformative care.



Naturopathic Doctor

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Naturopathic Doctor 

Steven Rondeau, ND completed his undergraduate training in Michigan at Oakland University where he became interested in maximizing human performance both mentally and physically with emphasis on colligate hockey goaltenders and competitive road cyclist. After completing his undergraduate degree and double minors in exercise science and health science, he relocated to Phoenix, Arizona to complete his 4-year medical school training at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM). While still in medical school, he was able to acquire his certification in EEG-Neurofeedback and later becoming adjunct faculty at SCNM in the mind-body department. After completing his medical school training he developed the first and only developmental pediatric naturopathic residency in Sandy, Utah before finally relocating to Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife and later, two young boys. Dr. Rondeau has recently developed the first and only of its kind, human brain repository and database ( accessible for public research and capable of sorting countless QEEG markers used to predict and monitor treatment responses to various therapies, brain injury, medications, natural supplements and currently psychedelic medicine. He has published numerous papers and book chapters on QEEG and its utility in mental health, relationships and parenting. In addition to being president of Axon EEG Solutions and being employed as part of a collaborative psychiatric team at Wholeness Center, he does research and presentations on the role of QEEG in understanding and prediction of human behavior and performance. Additionally, he reports for and oversees neurofeedback EEG training in clinics all over the world while being one of the first to develop a home based, clinical level neurofeedback training program.

When he is not writing, he is available for public speaking on topics such as EEG correlates to: suicide risk, head injury, parenting, relationship compatibility and role in psychotherapy, medication and novel treatments, peak performance in sports, diagnostic aid in psychiatry, medication failures and EEG signatures, substance use disorders and addictions, as well as integrating QEEG into current peak performance, addiction, psychotherapy and medical practices. He is currently perusing his diplomate level training in QEEG.

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Doreen Horan

Licensed Professional Counselor

A Licensed Professional Counselor. Doreen specializes in stress, anxiety, grief & loss, relationship issues, trauma, and spiritually-integrative counseling techniques. Doreen works with people of all ages, has a passion for journeying with people who are wrestling with existential questions, who seek to find meaning and purpose in life, and with the abused and traumatized to seek and find healing, peace, trust, self-love, and wholeness.

With 20 years’ experience in private practice as a licensed professional counseling, Doreen is a certified clinical supervisor, has directed weekend therapeutic camps for youth, facilitates therapy groups, leads retreats, and provides educational workshops.

Doreen believes in the innate ‘wisdom of the heart.’ Working collaboratively with clients, she guides people from brokenness and pain, through healing, into a transformed wellness. When appropriate, Guided Imagery to Music, art, mandalas, dreamwork, nature, labyrinths and/or play therapy are incorporated. Doreen integrates Mindfulness, Adlerian, Jungian, Psychodynamic and Existential psychology.

Clients and graduate students affirm her true presence, compassion, insight, humor, wisdom, and creativity. In-person and tele-health services are provided. With gratitude, compassion, community and hope, we can each change our conditioned mind patterns and elevate our quality of life.

Doreen will guide you to reconnect with your true self, restore, reset, and bring more balance to your life.

Doreen resides in Northern Colorado, was raised in Pennsylvania, and raised her children in Maryland. She loves nature, the beach, exercise, skiing, tennis, pickleball, hiking, walking her dog, dance, music, art, traveling, and quality family & friend relationships.

American Counseling Association
National Certified Counselor
Grief, Loss, Complicated Grief & Transition
Center for Grieving Children and Families Institute
Guided Imagery to Music Fellow, Level I, II, III – Bonney Method
Mandala and Colors, Level I, II
National Dreamwork Group, Level I, II
Mindfulness Intensive Training
Trauma, PTSD & Abuse

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Steven Forstner


As a contemplative psychotherapist, I hold the view that we all have access to an inner source of inexhaustible clarity, wisdom, and compassion – our brilliant sanity. My approach to therapy is non-pathological, gentle, and centered around helping clients to move towards integrity in all areas of their life by synchronizing the logical mind with the emotional body and spiritual aspirations. I believe that we all have access points to our inner healing intelligence, and I will help you work with and remove blocks to yours so it can become a guiding force in the room on your journey back wholeness and greater levels of well-being.

My therapeutic approach draws from contemporary western psychological approaches, as well as time-tested offerings from eastern wisdom traditions.  I offer a warm, compassionate, and curious presence to help clients deepen their understanding of themselves, their relationships, and how to navigate life’s challenges.  I enjoy working with all individuals 16+.

I use a holistic approach relying on tools and techniques from Gestalt therapy, psychedelic-assisted therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, internal family systems, attachment theory, mindfulness-based therapies, somatic therapy, and Buddhist psychology. Using a combination of talk therapy and mindfulness-based activities, I encourage clients to incorporate the wisdom of their bodies alongside their discursive mind.  I would be grateful to hold space and offer contemplative techniques or other forms of support to work with those addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, psychedelic integration, self-esteem and low-self worth, codependency, relationship difficulties, screen/game addiction, trauma/PTSD, LGBTQ issues, family dynamics, exercise, addiction, sexuality issues, men’s issues, abuse, attachment, grief and loss, health issues, chronic pain, death and dying, spiritual emergencies, existential crisis, and those seeking overall mental-emotional wellness.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from University of Maryland University College, Maryland.  I am a licensed professional counselor candidate (LPCC) in the state of Colorado.  I enjoy getting outside and being in nature, bicycling, exercising in the gym, gaming, and watching films and shows.  Psychedelic therapeutic modalities are another passion of mine, as are contemplative practices such as isolation tanks and flotation therapy.  This is a deeply resourcing activity for me, and I look forward to using a strengths-based approach as I learn more about the practices that you find supportive.

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